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FAST ComTec GmbH

Quantar Technology exclusively offers these premier European-produced products to customers in the US and Canada. Below is a quick summary of these product offerings by category for your information. Current prices are available for each product from Quantar Technology and individual data sheets from Quantar or the www.fastcomtec.com  website.


Multi-Channel Analyzers (MCA), PCI-Card based.
PC-compatible, plug-in PCI-bus boards for analog pulse-height sorting and analysis (PHA). Complete with easy-to-use, powerful MCDWIN Multi-Channel Data Windows-based acquisition-display software. PHA mode is used to obtain distribution of incoming analog pulse amplitudes; i.e. number of pulses with specific pulse amplitudes. Alternate MCS mode, available in some models, is used to obtain time bin distribution of incoming pulses on STOP input, relative to a START input signal.

MCA4 front panel.jpg

Multi-Channel Analyzers (MCA), multiparameter capable USB Modules.
The MCA-4 Series is a family of high-performance, USB 2.0 PC interface, PC-based multichannel analyzer modules offering a pulse-height analysis (PHA) histogramming mode plus a time-multiscaler mode (MCS) in some models. Require a USB 2.0 port on host PC. All include MPANT Operating Software compatible with Windows OSís (XP, 7, 8.0, 8.1). Optional multi-parameter correlated acquisitions with coincidence resolving times as low as 8ns, similar to but limited in capabilities in comparison the MPA systems, below.


Multi-Parameter MCA System: MPA-3.
Unique PC-based, multi-input-parameter MCA, histograms data from 1 to 16 correlated or uncorrelated digital inputs simultaneously with time coincidence window capability built-in. For dependent single- and multi-parameter acquisitions, coincidence resolving times can be set from approx. 150 ns to more than 3 ms in steps of 50 ns. Displays selected parameters as multiple 1-D or 2-D plots. Typically uses ADC's or MCS units as digitizing front-ends from experiments. Real time clock option for time stamping of events. Excellent solution for readout of X-Y position-sensitive detectors, X-Y-T detectors, gamma spectroscopy, gamma-gamma coincidence, and other multi-parameter applications.


MPA4 / MPA4T Multiparameter System (4 or 8 channels).
This fourth-generation Multiparameter System, functionally similar to the MPA-3, is designed as an ultra fast list mode system with input ports for 4 or 8 ADCs, multiscalers or time-of-flight devices and has a dual USB 2.0 interface to connect to your PC / notebook.  Improved dependent single- and multiparameter acquisitions coincidence resolving times from approx. 20 ns (in steps of 20ns) to more than 1.3 s compared to the MPA-3. Additionally, eight 100 MHz 32-bit scalers are available as an option.

The MPA4T offers the integration of a high resolution Multistop TOF System with the MPA4 system.  With capabilities similar to the MCS6 Mulitscaler (1 START, 5 STOPS), 100 ps per time bin, multiple-event time digitizer (TDC), it can be used in ultra-fast Multiscaler and TOF systems, in Time-of-Flight mass-spectrometry, time-resolved single ion- or photon counting, and other multi-parameter applications.


Time Multi-Channel Scalers (MCS) and Time-of-Flight (TOF).
These record input event counts versus time, for time-resolved measurements. These are multiscaler type units, capable of accepting another count upon moving to a new counting time bin with low or zero interbin deadtime, thus accommodating high burst count rates and avoiding the "shadowing" effects of slower TAC (time-to amplitude) approaches. Use for TOF mass spec, lidar and other time-resolved photon-counting applications.


ADC/ Signal Processing/Conditioning Units
NIM-based modules with very fast, high-count rate capable, fixed dead-time SAR-ADC's or high resolution, high linearity, 100MHz Wilkinson-ADC's. NIM-based and small block module discriminators and preamps suitable for use with P788x series and other low level signals.

HV Power Supplies (NIM modules and bench-top versions).
Wide range of models, 2 to 6 KV maximum, 1-6 ma, single and dual outputs. NIM and benchtop versions.


NIMBIN Crates/Power Supplies.
NIMBIN Bin Crates. Portable (6 slot + PS) and rack-mount (up to 12 available slots), 60-300 watts. High quality, reliable alternatives to commonly available units.


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