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Multi-Channel Analyzer / Pulse Height Analyzer Systems
Plug-In Cards

The MCA-3 Series are high-performance, high-resolution PC-based MCA's, pulse height analyzers designed to digitize and store (histogram) incoming analog pulse amplitudes. The on-board ADC features one of the fastest commercially available ADC's with 600 nanosec (plus input waveform time to peak) fixed conversion time per event, counting rate of more than 1.000.000 ADC conversions/s, user-selectable conversion range up to 8k channels (13-bit resolution), and 0-10 V full scale analog input. The on-board ADC operates in either auto-peak detection (for Gaussian shaped input pulses) or externally triggered sample-voltage-analysis (SVA) mode. The MCA-3 Series also includes an ADC digital input port for connection of a compatible external ADC (see Models 7070, 7072).

The MCA-3FADC model also includes an alternate operational mode with two multiscaling inputs with a counting rate capability of more than 400 MHz at dwell times as low as 100 ns.

These cards require a single PCI-type bus slot, a 32-bit Windows-based operating system and a motherboard/case combination that will accommodate full length (~13.7") PC expansion cards. A maximum of four cards may be operated in a single host PC. Optional software to operate under a LINUX operating system is available. And all cards included the appropriate input cables and MCDWIN operating software. See individual data sheets for more details and specific features. See the Host PC Selection Guide  for details regarding computer compatibility of these cards, not all PC's are compatible.

 Multi-Channel Anaylzer (MCA) Plug-In Cards, MCA-3 Series
 Selection Guide
 Model  ADC
 Internal ADC
 External ADC
 MCS mode
 MCS mode Count
 Rate Capability
 MCA-3A  1  13-bit  up to 14-bit  n/a  n/a  n/a
 MCA-3FADC  1  13-bit  up to 14-bit  1
 or 2
 @ 100 ns
 @ 200ns
 400 MHz
 MCA-3  n/a  n/a  up to 16k  1
 or 2
 @ 100 ns
 @ 200ns
 400 MHz
Options, MCA-3 Series
32-bit Windows based DLL Function Library Kits and LINUX drivers for the MCA-3 Series enable control of P788x boards from external applications, including transfer of data. The programmers kit requires some programming expertise.

 Model  Description
 MCA-3DLL32  DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic for MCA-3 Series.
 MCA3LINUX  LINUX driver for MCA-3 Series/P7882.
 MCDWIN/LAN  Windows Remote Network Control of MCDWIN via RS232 or TCP/IP protocol.

Multiple-Input Systems

The SPA-3 Single-Parameter Analyzer Systems are multiple input MCA's. The base system offers 4 independent, simultaneously-operating, digital input (ADC front-end required) MCA's and can be expanded using SPA-3 Quad Expansion modules up to 16 independent MCA inputs. The SPA-3 system is similar to the FAST ComTec MPA-3 Multiparameter Analyzer System but does not include the coincidence window capability between the different parameters. A compatible front-end ADC (or other digital input device) is required for each digital input of the SPA-3.

This system requires a single PCI-type bus slot and a 32-bit Windows-based operating system. The product includes the base module, PCI-based IO card, MPANT for SPA-3 operating software, and a base module to IO card cable. See individual data sheets for more details and specific features.

 Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) Multiple-Input System, SPA-3 Series
 Selection Guide and Options
 Model  Description
 SPA-3  SPA-3 Single-Parameter Analyzer System, 4 Parameter Base System.
 SPA-3/Port  SPA-3 Quad Expansion Module. Adds additional 4 parameters to Base System.
 SPA-3/RTC  Real-Time Clock for time reference / time stamping events; 50 nsec resolution 48 bit range. Std SPA-3 clock offers 1 millisec time resolution. RTC is physically mounted in SPA-3 Base Module.
 SPA-3/REPL  SPA-3 Replay Software. For off-line analysis and playback of List Mode data on same PC system.
 SPA-3/REPX  SPA-3 Replay Software. For off-line analysis and playback fo List Mode data on separate PC system. Includes additional software license, hardware lock device.
 SPA-3DLL32  SPA-3 DLL Software Development Kit. Enables interfacing of SPA-3 server program/hardware to user-written Labview/Visual Basic/C programs. Simple examples included.
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