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Quantar Technology's 3300/2400 Series Multi-channel/ Multi-pixel ImagingTM Detector Systems are position-sensitive, quantum-limited, charged-particle and photon detectors designed primarily for scientific, analytical and industrial research applications involving spatially-resolved analysis of events occurring from inherently weak signal-generating processes, demanding high detector performance.  These high performance detectors are ideal solutions in a wide range of 1-D parallel multi-channel spectroscopy and 2-D X-Y imaging applications.  Complete systems comprise a MCP/RAE detector head, signal processing and readout electronics, and PC-based data collection and display hardware and software.


3300 Series MCP/RAE Open-Face Sensors (OFS/detector heads) utilize MCP (micro-channel plate) imaging electron multipliers followed by a charge-division position-encoding anode. Operating in high vacuum environments, these detectors provide true, single-event, position-sensitive detection of electrons, positrons, positive and negative ions, neutral particles and EUV and soft X-ray photons (10-200 nm) directly on the MCP input surface.  Higher energy X-rays (>2 KeV) can also be detected directly by MCP's with decreasing efficiency at higher energies.  Detection efficiency for various types of particles and photons is determined primarily by the MCP surface response or by applied enhancement coatings.  For use with 2400 Series Electronic Position Analyzers.


The Model 2401B is a 2 axis (X, Y), pulse-position processor consisting of a separate, modular 4 channel charge-sensitive preamplifier/shaper with added fast look-ahead channel and a main electronics module (19" rack mount unit) containing signal processing, metering, edge-gating and power supply circuits. Designed to be used with a 3300 Series Sensor; two preamp gain options are available to match MCP/RAE sensor head types. The position analyzer has a count rate capability of up 100,000 counts/sec and has real-time display as events occur.


Alternative data systems for use with the 2401B position analyzer which are based on the FAST ComTec multiparameter (MPA) systems. There are three primary models, the MPA-3, MPA4 and MCA4-MPAx systems, which can all be used with the 2401 to collect a simple two parameter, X&Y position data set. For these setups, the 2401 X and Y analog signals along with the STROBE signal would be feed to the system, which would be operated in SVA (sample voltage analysis) mode. The STROBE is used to trigger a compatible ADC as to when the data event is sampled and recorded (SVA mode, rather than a traditional peak detection). Since the integrated-ADC/digital output options for the 2401B are incompatible with these multiparameter systems, they are not needed nor used.

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Fast ComTec GmbH  Scientific Instruments. PC-based multichannel analyzers, multiparameter analyzers, time multichannel scalers, Mossbauer modules and system, NIM and bench-top HV power supplies, NIMBINS and other NIM pulse processing instrumentation.

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