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FAST ComTec MCS6A and P788x Series,
Ultra-Fast Multi-Hit Multiscaler/Time-Of-Flight (TOF) Modules


Designed to sort incoming digital counts received at the STOP inputs, relative to the signal at the START input (reference) for applications requiring time-resolved single event counting. These boards feature ZERO interbin dead time (and zero end of sweep deadtime in an internal trigger mode) and read out only time bins that contain an actual count, thus offering faster sweep repetition rates.  Especially for those applications with relatively sparse data points, these devices have effectively increased the upper limit for single-ion or single-photon time-resolved counting applications.

The MCS6A is the latest, highest-performance multiscaler in this line up and features multiple input configurations, 100 ps time-bin resolution, 5GHz input burst count rate (10GHz state changes), ~18MHz sustained count rate, a 2B FIFO front end, 10mV input sensistivity with rising/falling/both edge discrimination from +/-1V, and a dual USB2.0 interface. One USB 2.0 interface port is required for operation, however, the maximum possible transfer data rates can only be achieved with the use of two USB2.0 ports.

The PCI-slot based cards require a motherboard/case combination that will accommodate full length (~13.7") PC expansion cards. A maximum of four cards may be operated in a single host PC. See the Host PC Selection Guide  for details regarding computer compatibility of these PCI cards, not all PC's are compatible.

The devices are compatible with both 32- and 64-bit versions of the Windows Operating System. Optional software to operate under a LINUX operating system is available. And all devices include the appropriate input cables and MCDWIN/MPANT operating software. See individual data sheets for more details and specific features.

 Ultra fast Multistop Time-Of-Flight Analyzer, Multiscaler, Ion / Photon Counting Systems
 MCS6A USB 2.0 Module - Selection Guide
 Model  Resolution  Dedicated
 Count Rate
 MCS6A  100 ps  5  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-4  100 ps  4  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-3  100 ps  3  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-2  100 ps  2  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-1  100 ps  1  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-5-T2  200 ps  5  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-4-T2  200 ps  4  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-3-T2  200 ps  3  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-2-T2  200 ps  2  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-1-T2  200 ps  1  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-5-T4  400 ps  5  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-4-T4  400 ps  4  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-3-T4  400 ps  3  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-2-T4  400 ps  2  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-1-T4  400 ps  1  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-5-T8  800 ps  5  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-4-T8  800 ps  4  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-3-T8  800 ps  3  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 MCS6A-2-T8  800 ps  2  5 GHz  18 MHz  10 mV  Rising and/or
 Falling, -2/+3V
 P788x PCI Card - Selection Guide (subject to availability)
 Model  Resolution  Inputs  Burst
 Count Rate
 P7888  1 ns
 or 2 ns
 w/ 2
 w/ 4
 1 GHz
 500 MHz
 28 MHz  PCI bus  Falling, +/- 2.5V
 P7888-2  1 ns  2  1 GHz  28 MHz  PCI bus  Falling, +/- 2.5V
 P7888-2E  2 ns  2  500 MHz  28 MHz  PCI bus  Falling, +/- 2.5V
 P7882  100 ns
 or 200 ns
 w/ 1
 w/ 2
 400 MHz  400 MHz  PCI bus  Rising or
 Falling, +/- 2.5V
 The P7889 and P7887 have been discontinued
Options, MCS6A and P788x Series
32-bit Windows based DLL Function Library Kits and LINUX drivers for the P788x Series enable control of P788x boards from external applications, including transfer of data. The programmers kit requires some programming expertise.

 Model  Description
 MCS6DLL32  DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic for the MCS6A Modules.
 MCS6LINUX  LINUX driver for MCS6A Modules.
 P788xDLL32  DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic for P788x Series. Specify P788x model.
 P788xLINUX  LINUX driver for P7887, P7888, P7889. Specify P788x Model.
 MCA3LINUX  LINUX driver for MCA-3 Series/P7882.

Preamps suitable for use with P788x series. Complete with 115/230 VAC power adapter/supply.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 1.8 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x10 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 2.0 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x20 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 1.7 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x40 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 1.5 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x80 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 2.4 GHz (-3db) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x5 gain.

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