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Quantar Technology Incorporated - Worldwide supplier of state-of-the-art measurement solutions for science and industry - designs, manufactures and markets specialized test and measurement instruments and serves the worldwide scientific research and analytical instrument markets in field such as physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, medicine/biology and materials science. Our primary customers include universities, corporate research, national laboratories and OEM equipment manufacturers. Nearly half of our business is International.


Quantar offers a family of unique, single-event-counting, scientific imaging detector systems for photon and charged particle (electron, ion) imaging and spectroscopy. These position sensitive detector systems are among the most sensitive, lowest noise detectors available and are used in a wide range of applications including specialized astronomy, electron and ion spectroscopy and imaging, mass spectrometry, and optical spectroscopy and imaging.

3300/2400 Series 2401 Series


Through a partnership with Fast ComTec GmbH, Quantar Technology offers a range of specialized, high-performance, signal processing and data acquisition and display instruments, which are primarily PC-based. These devices are used for acquisition of precise timing data in applications such as time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectroscopy and LIDAR (light-ranging) and multiple-input-parameter data acquisition and display and pulse-height sorting and analysis, i.e. multichannel analysis (MCA). The markets for these products are very similar to the core markets for our other products.

Fast Comtec Products Fast Comtec Products


Quantar Technology's detector systems are being successfully used worldwide and have proven useful in a wide range of spectroscopic and imaging applications in scientific and analytical instrumentation fields including:

Quantar Technology invites inquires regarding possible applications.

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