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ADC NIM Modules

The NIM module ADC's offered are very fast, high-count rate capable, fixed dead-time SAR-ADC's or high resolution, high linearity, 100MHz Wilkinson-ADC's. The various models offer conversions of up-to 1,000,000 events/s, user-selectable conversion ranges of up to 8k channels (13-bits), and adjustable upper and lower discriminators. Each unit also inlcudes an appropriate number of standard digital ribbon cables for output connection to systems such as the MPA-3 Mulitparameter System.

The model 7072 is a dual input, 8k channel (13-bit) resolution, 600ns fixed conversion/transfer time, SAR-ADC suited for a wide range of applications. It features two independent ADC's in one NIM module, with either auto-peak-detecting pulse height analysis mode or an externally-triggered sampled voltage analysis (SVA) mode (sampling the input signal at a selected time using an external signal) which is useful in sampling slowly varying DC signals or levels.

The model 7072T dual input ADC/TDC is similar to 7072 above, but either input also offers another alternative, combined TAC-ADC mode (digitalized output time-to-amplitude converter) converting time directly to a digital output. It offers improved performance and linearity specifications compared to separate TAC and ADC modules. Having full-scale time ranges from 50 nsec to 20 microsec and a conversion range up to 8192 channels, digital resolution per channel to less than 50 picosec is obtainable.

There is also the 100MHz, Wilkinson-type ADC, Model 7070 which is suitable for high resolution HPGe detectors, featuring 8k channel resolution, 0-8 V input range (10 volt option), and PHA mode only (no SVA mode). It has variable deadtime depending on input amplitude but offers very good linearity at high resolution with a longer conversion time than the model 7072. The four-channel version of the 7070, the Model 7074, which offers four independent ADCís in a single width NIM module and 16k channel resolution, has been discontinued.

See individual data sheets for more details and specific features. These ADC's have a NIM Bin power requirement of six voltages (+-6V, +-12V +-24V).

 ADC NIM Modules
 Selection Guide
 Model  Inputs  Conversion
 Time Range,
 full scale
 Input Voltage
 Range, full scale
 7070  1  256 - 8k  Wilkinson, 100MHz  PHA  n/a  8V (10V optional)
 7072  2  256 - 8k  SAR,
 600ns fixed
 PHA, SVA  n/a  10V (8V optional)
 7072T  2  256 - 8k  SAR,
 600ns fixed
 PHA, SVA, TDC  50ns to 20ĶS  10V (8V optional)
 Model  Description
 CA003-CA006  Custom ADC cable for non-FAST ADC's to connect to MPA Base Module Interface. In some cases, may require technical documentation on customers ADC to enable interfacing via cable. See ADC Compatibility Guide for correct cable number for ADC (Canberra, Silena, Ortec, etc)..
 MPA/CAB  ADC-to-MPA Cable. Standard digital ribbon cable to connect FAST Model 7070/7074 ADC output to MPA input. One per ADC output required. For FAST ComTec Multiparameter System.
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