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The FAST Comtec constant-fraction discriminators (CFD) are still state-of-the-art even after a more than 20 Year history. The differential CFD - Model 7029A - still offers the highest counting rate (>50 MHz) of any such devices. The pulse-shape discriminator - Model 2160A - can be used to separate neutron and gamma particles, alphas and protons, electrons and alphas etc depending on the detector used.

See individual data sheets for more details and specific features, as well as for the NIM power requirements if applicable.

 Amps/Discriminators/Delay Modules
 Selection Guide, NIM Module
 Model  Description
  2128A  Constant Fraction Discriminator, 100 MHz. Requires +6V NIM power (+12V optional).
  2160A  Pulse-Shape Discriminator. Requires +6V NIM power (+12V optional).
  7011  Amp/Discriminator, 200 MHz, X10 Gain. Discontinued but some units still available.
  7029A  Differential Constant Fraction Discriminator, 100 MHz, (50 MHz differential mode). Offers both differential and normal CFD (bi-level) functions. Requires +6 V NIM power.
  7800-7  Nanosecond Delay Line Module, 0-63.5 nsec range, 0.5 nsec steps. NIM module.
  2155  Quint Constant Fraction Discriminator, five dc-coupled inputs with a dynamic range of up to 500:1 and three selectable operating modes (CFT,CFT, & LET).
 Selection Guide, Small Block (Non-NIM) Modules
 Model  Description
  CSA4  FAST Charge / Shaper Amplifier.
  CSP1x  FAST Charge Sensitive Preamps, models CSP10 - CSP13.
  LW800  Timing Discriminator (800MHz) Opto isolation.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 1.8 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x10 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 2.0 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x20 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 1.7 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x40 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 1.5 GHz (-3dB) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x80 gain.


Pulse/Timing Amplifier, 2.4 GHz (-3db) bandwidth, dc-coupled, x5 gain.


Timing Discriminator (2 GHz rate)

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