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Multi-Parameter Multi-Channel Analyzer System, MPA-3 Series

MPA-3 system.gif

This PC-based, ultra-high-speed, multiple input-parameter multi-channel analyzer (or Multi-Parameter Analyzer, MPA) is intended to simultaneously histogram multiple digital inputs from external sources, recording those events occurring within a defined coincidence time window as a single event, on an event-by-event basis. For dependent single- and multi-parameter acquisitions, coincidence resolving times can be set from approx. 150 ns to more than 3 ms in steps of 50 ns. A monitoring mode is available to view single or dual parameter spectra on-line during active data acquisition. Alternatively, each input of the MPA System can also be operated in an independent (non-correlated) MCA mode.

Designed as an ultra fast list mode system with input ports from 2 to 16 parameters (ADC's, multiscalers or time-of-flight devices), the open system technology concept is capable of accommodating future system expansion. Each parameter input must be preceded by a compatible ADC (see FAST ComTec models 7070, 7072, 7072T) or similar digitizing device. And up to four systems can be synchronized in operation to provide a maximum of 64 input channels.

Any combination of inputs can be selected, and several single- and dual-parameter spectra can be define which can be simultaneously acquired and displayed. Calculated parameters can further be defined and displayed allowing evaluation of position-dependent detector or other applications.

List data (the sequential event-by-event data) can be stored on the local hard disk device or any other directly addressable storage device. Using a SATA hard disk drive, data can be stored online at full throughput for many hours depending on the configuration. The system can accumulate and histogram single- and multi-parameter spectra in the RAM of the PC as well. With the 7072 ADC, counting rates up to 4.8M events/s have been observed . The theoretical limit is 6M events/s.

The MPA-3 system requires a single PCI-type bus slot and a Windows-based operating system. Each base system includes the hardware, cables and FAST operating/display software. See individual data sheets for more details and specific features.

 Multi-Parameter Analyzer (MCA) Systems, MPA-3 Series
 Selection Guide, Base Systems
 Model  Description
  MPA-3/4P MPA-3 Quad-Parameters Base System, 4 ADC digital interface ports. No ADC's included. Add Quad ADC Port Expansion Module for additional parameters (4 added inputs per Quad Module).
  MPA-3/2P MPA-3 Dual-Parameter Base System, 2 digital ADC interface ports. No ADC's included. For applications requiring only 2 input parameters such as X-Y detectors. Not expandable, cannot add Quad Expansion Modules.
Options, MPA-3 System

32-bit Windows based DLL Function Library Kits enable control of the MPA-3 System from external applications, including transfer of data. The programmers kit requires some programming expertise. There are no LINUX drivers for this system.

List Mode data can be displayed by the MPA-NT operation software only in the format in which it was originally recorded unless the Replay option is used. Replay option software enables manipulation and processing of List Mode data for display in various formats (e.g. selecting smaller number of bits per parameter, different parameters, arithmetic operations, etc) that may be different from the format displayed during the original acquisition.

 Model  Description
  MPA-3/RTC Real-Time Clock for time reference / time stamping events; 50 nsec resolution 48 bit range. Std MPA-3 clock offers 1 millisec time resolution. RTC is physically mounted in MPA-3 Base Module.
  MPA-3/REPY MPA-3 Replay Software. For off-line analysis and playback of List Mode data on same PC system.
  MPA-3/REPX MPA-3 Replay Software. For off-line analysis and playback fo List Mode data on separate PC system. Includes additional software license, hardware lock device.
  MPA-3DLL32 MPA-3 DLL Software Development Kit. Enables interfacing of SPA-3 server program/hardware to user-written Labview/Visual Basic/C programs. Simple examples included.
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