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The latest data systems for use with the 2401B position analyzer are based on the FAST ComTec multiparameter (MPA) systems and form a complete position sensitive detector system. There are three primary models, the MPA-3, MPA4 and MCA4-MPAx systems, which can all be used with the 2401B to collect a simple two parameter, X&Y position data set. For these setups, the 2401B X and Y analog position signals along with the STROBE signal are used with these systems, and operating in a sample voltage analysis (SVA) mode. The STROBE is used to trigger a compatible ADC, defining when the data event is sampled and recorded (using SVA mode, rather than a traditional peak detection).

Depending on whether you want only two channels with coincidence data (i.e. X and Y output from the 2401 only), you could either use the MPA-3/2P or the MCA4-MPA2. If you want more parameters, you would then likely go with a multiparameter system with more inputs (MPA-3/4P or MPA4-4). The MPA-3 systems are PCI-card based system, whereas the MCA4 and MPA-4 systems are USB based. The MPA systems provide better overall control of coincidence parameters versus the MCA systems, which have limited multiparameter capabilities.

MCA4-MPA2 system.gif

For the MPA systems, one needs the MPA system itself, the appropriate number of compatible ADCs, the various cables as above (which we would provide with the system, knowing the intended usage of the system), and , if necessary, a NIM bin crate to power some external, compatible ADCs modules. For two parameters, a single FAST Com model 7072 Dual-Channel ADC NIM module, can be used for the X and Y signals, as it offers two independent channels in a single NIM module/unit.

All the base systems include the hardware and Windows Operating Software. There are various other options available depending on the series. Optional for the MPA systems is an increase to its FIFO for higher count rate capability, though this may not be necessary for 2401 usage. The operating software allows the data for these MPA systems to be accumulated in either a sequential list mode data file, displayed as an additive histogram, or both. There is also an optional Windows DLL software development kit available for interfacing with NI Labview, Visual Basic and C programs to enable control and display of the system (requires some user software programming ability).



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MPA-3 Dual-Parameter Base System, 2 digital ADC interface ports. No ADC's included. For applications requiring only 2 input parameters such as X-Y detectors. Not expandable, cannot add Quad Expansion Modules.


Dual input, 8k channel (13-bit) resolution, 600ns fixed conversion/transfer time, SAR-ADC, featuring two independent ADC's in one NIM module, with either auto-peak-detecting pulse height analysis mode or an externally-triggered sampled voltage analysis (SVA) mode.


Full width rack mount NIM BINs (12 slots), 140 Watts, 7 Voltages, Over-voltage protection for +/- 6V.

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