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3300/2400 Series

3300/2400 Series


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The 3300 Series are Open-face, MicroChannel Plate-based (MCP), Resistive Anode Encoder (RAE) position-sensitive detector heads for particle and EUV/X-ray detection on standard or coated (e.g. CsI, KBr) MCP surface, operated in vacuum (fully UHV-compatible).  In operation, single incoming events (particles or photons) impact the MCP surface and result in an electron cascade, the gain depending on the number and type of MCP's, the bias voltage and the MCP configuration. The MCP's operate in a gain-saturated mode to ensure a relatively constant gain from event-to-event to optimize position determination.

Sensor heads are offered in circular active areas of 25 mm, 40 mm and 75 mm diameter, and also a 74 x 93mm rectangular active area.  Capable of spatial position resolution of 100 (standard) or 400 (high resolution) effective resolvable elements across active area.  Spatial position linearity is typically within 5% of true position (of sensor active dimension, fixed pattern).  Background count rate are typically less than 10 events per second integrated over the entire image area.  Bias voltage requirements for the microchannel plates and RAE position encoder must be provided by external 2-3 kV (3-4 kV for high resolution versions) power supply and resistive biasing network.

 Open-Face Sensor Heads, 3300 Series
 Selection Guide
 Model  Active Area  Diameter  # of  MCPs  Spatial Resolution  (resolvable elements)  Spatial Resoluton
(approximate mm)
 Overall sensor  diameter
 3390  25mm  2  100  0.25 mm

 2.0 inch (50.8 mm)

 3391-010  25mm  3  400  0.063 mm  2.0 inch (50.8 mm)
 3394  40mm  2  100  0.40 mm  2.9 inch (73.7 mm)
 3395-010  40mm  3  400  0.10mm  2.9 inch (73.7 mm)
 3392  75mm  2  100  0.75 mm  5.5 inch (139.7 mm)
 3398  80x100mm  2 or 3  100  0.79 mm

 5.8 inch (147.4 mm)


Options, 3300 Series

Electrically Isolated Front Rings (option 001/SE)
Electrically isolated ring options provide an additional metal ring approximately 0.125 inches (3.1 mm) in front of the standard front ring of the sensor which is at the electrical potential of the first MCP input surface. This added ring may be used for either mounting the sensor (to an aperture plate, for example, that may be at a different electrical potential than the first MCP input surface) or used for mounting an accelerating or retarding grid or other device in front of the sensor. Except in the Model 3992A (75 mm sensor) the added rings are not removable without disassembly of the sensor. They can be biased using a contact pin provided on the rear of the baseplate.

Coated MCP Options
CsI, KBr or similar coatings can be applied to input MCP surface to enhance detection efficiency for soft x-ray and vacuum uv applications. Coating and thickness can range from approximately 3000  to 18000 .

 Model  Description

 Option 001/SE

 Add electrically isolated front ring

 Option SK  6.4mm Center Hole version (applicable to 40mm and larger OFS heads only)
 Option CsI  CsI or KBr coating applied to input MCP surface
HV Power Supplies, Bias Voltage Dividers, Vacuum Flanges and Cable Sets are also available.
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